I’ve recently been on two of Bruce Bratton’s KZSC radio shows.
They were pretty fun. I talked a bunch about
astronomy, even though he was at first most focused
on talking about renewable energy and climate change.
If you ever get the time and inclination, check out the
audio podcasts: Go to KZSC.org, then to “BLOG” then click on Universal Grapevine and scroll to Jan. 29. There was also one in December (you’ll find it if you scroll down).


Hi folks —

Maybe some of you have already noticed this, but for
the next week or two (best, sooner!), the planets Venus,
Jupiter, and rarely-seen Mercury will be in a changing
geometry (making a record-settingly tight triangle this
coming Sun.5/26), with an amazingly different scene
from one evening to the next.   (This will really show
why the name “planet” derives from a Greek word for
“wanderer”.)  …See the great little step-by-step video
animation (just ~half a minute long) at the following

< http://www.skyandtelescope.com/about/pressreleases/Three-Planets-Dance-in-the-Sunset-207234531.html >

I hope all will have a meaningful Memorial Day weekend.

— Joe