This “page” is probably not going to really be “daily”, but rather occasional.

It’ll have sporadic thoughts and observations, (hopefully becoming more

organized as time goes on).  Since the dominant source of energy on this

planet comes from the SKY, astronomy and weather/climate items will be

appearing here.   … For instance, …….

Yesterday (Sat.8/9/08) was VENUS DAY!  For me, anyway, it was the first day

in months that I spotted Venus again, after its trip behind the sun.  I was

leading a stargazing/astronomy evening for a great group of people from

the Bay Area, as part of a program called “A Sense of Place” (check them out

on the web!), and from atop Borel Hill, highest point in San Mateo County,

on the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve along Skyline Blvd. to the west

of Silicon Valley, we saw a glorious view of the sunset over coastal hills

and ocean with incoming fog (like being in heaven), and half an hour or

so after the sun went down (or the horizon came up!), I saw Venus quite

easily.  I realized that, while it wasn’t all that bright yet, it was already

bright enough that I probably could have been seeing it in the evening

twilight for the past week or so, had I thought to look for it near home.

I always find it cause for celebration when Venus first returns to visibility

in the evening sky.  In the coming months it will appear higher and brighter

in the western twilight, as it comes around closer to us in its orbit;  it will

become a truly beautiful “evening star”, a jewel of the dusk.


One Response to “Sky Power Daily”

  1. Leah said

    I’ll have to keep my eye out for it! I hope you keep posting, it’s interesting to hear what you’re up to! 🙂

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